Prototype Defense

The new ultimate open path Tower Defense. Create your own towers!

4.5 stars on Android Market

Prototype DefenseAndroid Market4.5

A new Tower Defense, for those who do like a challenge!

Create your own towers!

Towers are created by combining turrets and bases together. Prefer a high-fire laser minigun over a high-powered laser cannon? No problem; you are in control!
As towers gain ranks through experience they become stronger and faster, enabling even more tactical play!

Huge, Endless Levels

Tired of simple levels with little to no challenge? How about endless challenges, or gigantic levels where you can maze to your hearts content? All in crisp HD graphics, running fluid at 60 fps!

Active development!

Constantly adding new levels, new features and fixing bugs! Here’s a sample of the current blog roll surrounding Prototype Defense!

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Map Editor


Excellent strategy defense game!!! Excellent graphics. Fluid upgrades. Nice design. Fluid refresh rate. Less to no lag. Challenging. I would recommend it.

Kevin (Android Market)

One of the best! Awesome tower defense game. Innovative controls, superb grafix. Attribute & unit upgrades make it interesting & add depth. Layouts are challenging & varied. (On droid razr)

Jeffrey (Android Market)

Defencetastic! Great game a few bugs but good all the same. Keep up the great work guys. (CodePoKE note: These bugs are solved in the current version!)

Anonymous (Android Market)

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